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william ford gibsonThe speech at the “Letterature” festival in Rome by
“…This is not to say that Orwell failed in any way, but rather that he succeeded. Nineteen Eighty Four remains one of the quickest and most succinct routes to the core realities of…1948, the year in which it was written. If you wish to know an era, study its most lucid nightmares. In the mirrors of our darkest fears, much will be revealed…”

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ANPI – Italian referendum about the constitutional law

This is an audio file in Italian, for people who are interested in the ANPI opinion about next constitutional referendum in Italy.

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Mapping and Hiking, the Matterhorn

Mapping and alpinism, their history is often tangent, and here is our narration about these occasions centered on the beautiful Matterhorn, maybe long to read but worth the time it takes.. a little holiday gift to our readers…

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Open Source GPU

This is a post to support a kickstarter project, by Francis Bruno, for an Open Source Graphics Processor.
The aim of this project is to solve an issue that often is the subject of discussions and disputes within the Free Software community against the main GPU’s vendors because there is very little information available about 3D/OpenGL graphics support and performance.
This project (as the apertus one) has the potential of a revolutionary birth, in the silicon’s scenario for the reasons I’m going to explain, but it also put itself in a difficult path, in which many other projects have failed due to a lack of participation by the community, does it mean that the Free Software community doeasn’t care about that ones who use this kind of technologies?

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Art, Museums and Open Content

The main concept behind the open content licenses is the development of means to spread knowledge and ideas around the world.
Many artists have embraced these pratices and now are using them to inspire and develop creative collective works and useful, often revolutionary ideas.
The kind of ideas that change our way of living independently from the market’s path.

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Urbex and Ghost Towns

Since I wrote the article about abandoned mining sites ( here is the italian version) I’ve found myself more and more involved on what many blogs call “urbex” or “urban exploration”.
People intend this practice in many different ways, taking pictures from roofs is probably the most spectacular way of combining urban unusual points of view exploring and sport, but what I feel like while exploring is more near to what is called “taking a dead urban place to new life”.
I like abandoned sites and ruins, how they fell and what they can tell you about their hidden past.

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