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The dangerous environmental situation of forgotten mining villages around Italy, and the secret treasure they hide…
This post was written as a denunciation.


This post was written as a denunciation.

by jeeltcraft

In Italy there are nearly 2500 abandoned mine sites, the majority of them have been abandoned after the 50s of the past century.
The history of labor in the mines is dotted with pearls of poetry, as Giovanni Verga’s “Rosso Malpelo“, of abundance and decay.
In other European countries, like France, the public institution took charge of the reclamation and enhancement of cultural sites that attract visitors and enthusiasts now, in a historical fascinating and challenging path; this kind of cultural tourism in Italy is satisfied from communities like “minierabondi” and some local volunteering association.
Often our associations are related to ecomuseums, which in some cases have achieved international high recognition, but they sometimes arise on terrains not yet fully quenched, as shown by the images of Elba Island.

This is because the mine has an impact on the environment, as many of our industrial activities, and with that impact, sooner or later, someone shall have to deal.
The abandoned mining sites which according to ISPRA are at risk from an environmental point of view (hydrogeological/ structural instability and pollution) are 150. But we have already seen on RaiNews earlier this year a reportage that contradicted the statements of ISPRA and ARPA denouncing the situation of Pasquasia, in Sicily.

The involvement with mafia of Pasquasia (with link to the explosive used for the Capaci massacre), is the consequences of institutional neglect for this piece of recent history of our society ‘, but that’s just the impact on the society of the cultural void that these ancient forms of aggregation have left, disappearing.
Weeds grow in desolated lands.

And how important is this history of labor to a state that wants to really give meaning to the idea that’s written on his constitution, “Republic founded on work”?
The environmental impact and the cultural void are joining, in a degrading reality that saw its workers emigrate all over the world, to continue doing that work, the miners.

[Here] a reportage denouncing the state of abandonment of a mining site (Formignano) which was expecting European subsidies for remediation since a long time.
Below a picture of the mining equipment found inside the Formignano village, you can find other pictures on the google map, and request me the full size pictures if you want.