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The Drunk Stage

Product Design with Blender

This product design lesson was built upon the "Design thinking for educators toolkit" by, a human centered design firm grown in the context of Riverdale Country School, a Pre-K through Grade 12 independent school in New York City, and connects with my first English Lesson with Blender. Leggi

A new inclusive Open Web

The Open Web is been a battle field in the last few years, as walled gardens like facebook are growing and political agreements bring up net neutrality problems, there are issues that mine the openness of our community under the surface. A focus on what can be done to solve these issues in the next future. Leggi

The flow of silence, The pressure of forgetting

The speech at the "Letterature" festival in Rome by William Ford Gibson "...If you wish to know an era, study its most lucid nightmares. In the mirrors of our darkest fears, much will be revealed..." Leggi

ANPI – Italian referendum about the constitutional law

This is an audio file in Italian, for people who are interested in the ANPI opinion about next constitutional referendum in Italy. Leggi

Mapping and Hiking, the Matterhorn

Photo by Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash Mapping and alpinism, their history is often tangent, and here is our narration about these occasions centered on the beautiful Matterhorn, maybe long to read but worth the time it takes.. a little holiday gift to our readers... Leggi

Art, Museums and Open Content

The main concept behind the open content licenses is the development of means to spread knowledge and ideas around the world. Many artists have embraced these pratices and now are using them to inspire and develop creative collective works and useful, often revolutionary ideas. The kind of ideas that change our way of living independently from the market's path. Leggi

Urbex and Ghost Towns

Since I wrote the article about abandoned mining sites ( here is the italian version) I've found myself more and more involved on what many blogs call "urbex" or "urban exploration". Leggi

Growing Poetics on a Creative Community Ecosystem

Online communities for Creatives and stock web stores. how they can help you grow your poetics.
For freelance creative designers and coders who prefer interaction than just leave their work on a stock market.
Here is the humanization of global freelance agencies. Leggi

Sharing Creation Attitude

Communities grow around the world wide web and develop their own tools to create and to share their concepts, but the attitude of sharing is essential for artists since a long time. Although the idea of copyright configures an artist whose activity is pointed on protecting his/her creation's ownership, there is a more immediate need to share that rules creation and impacts on creative and social processes more that what we all can figure out. Leggi

Forgotten Pieces of Italian History

The dangerous environmental situation of forgotten mining villages around Italy, and the secret treasure they hide... This post was written as a denunciation. Leggi