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This is an audio file in Italian, for people who are interested in the ANPI opinion about next constitutional referendum in Italy.

Hi all, this is just an audio post, I was in an gathering of old anti-fascists partisans, an association called anpi (national association of italian partisans), they fought against dictatorship and built our nation as it was until some decads ago, the still defend freedom of speach, thinking and in particular their main statement is to defend the spirit of our main law, the constitution.
That law was paid with many human lives, and as the say in this autio file thay just can’t accept the changing that our goverment is trying to act.
What strikes me in this audio is the fact that an old humble person is able to speak clearly about politicals more that any politician is doing now in italy.
No slogan no leadership, he’s just speaking about the right of everyone of us to speak his own opinion on this referendum.
I listen and ask myself why politicians in italy are not able to speak with this humbleness.
I’m sorry because I know that only italian people will be able to understand this audio, which is not a loud italian, is just correct… I wish media could be recording this for once, instead of recording Salvini repeating slogan all around italy.